I am a third year PhD student at INRIA, at CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique, and at EDF R&D, Saclay (CIFRE PhD).

I am supervised by Aymeric Dieuleveut from CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique, by Julie Josse, from INRIA, and by Olivier Féron (director of the FiME laboratory) and Yannig Goude from EDF.

My research project is about statistical learning methods for energy management. In particular, I am interested in distribution-free uncertainty quantification.

Upcoming events

May 22, 2023. I will give a talk at the Swiss Data Science Center, at EPFL, on Conformal Prediction with Missing Values. Many thanks! Slides available.

June 12-21, 2023. Attending FoCM conference! Also, I will present a poster about Conformal Prediction with Missing Values at the Foundations of Data Science and Machine Learning workshop.

June 20, 2023. I will give a talk at the MIND Seminar, at INRIA Saclay. Thanks for the invitation!

July 3-7, 2023. Attending JdS in Brussels! Many events:

  • Invited talk during the MALIA session, on Conformal Prediction with Missing Values. Many thanks Stéphane for the invitation, looking forward to this session!!
  • Young Statisticians Group activities:
    • Organizing a special session on research’s ethic;
    • Organizing a scientific lunch about the path to faculty recruitment;
    • Another scientific lunch will be held, about the mental health of young researchers;
    • The famous quiz and young statisticians / invited speakers meeting in a bar on Thursday evening, save the date!

September 10, 2023. I will give a half-day tutorial on Conformal Prediction as part of the ENBIS Annual Conference in Valencia. Many thanks for the invitation!


I am the current vice-president of the Young Statisticians Group of the French Statistical Society (SFdS).
We have organized the 11th Young Statisticians and Probabilists day. Thanks to all the speakers for the amazing talks! You can find the slides and their contact here (very soon).

Have a look at the activities of our causal inference and missing values group at INRIA, led by Julie Josse, principal investigator of the PreMeDICaL team.

I served as a reviewer for AISTATS 2023 (10% top reviewer) and for the Journal of Business and Economics Statistics.

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